Kevin Baradet

CTO & Facilities Director
Johnson School - Cornell University
Kevin is a self-motivated and results-driven leader in an organization's operations including all aspects of information technology.  His experience includes such diverse work environments such as manufacturing, engineering, consulting, software development, sales and education and he is familiar with multiple software platforms including hands-on experience with DEC VAX, Microsoft OS, Novell Netware and other software platforms.

Kevin possesses an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies and their appropriate application in achieving an organization's goals. His special interests are in wireless, mobile computing, learning systems and other disruptive technology areas.

Kevin is responsible for multimillion-dollar network technology budget, IT policies, business analysis, risk assessment, auditing, information security, regulatory compliance, classroom and learning technologies and strategic planning.  He is a seasoned professional with years of senior management planning, business operations, media relations with international and domestic experience. Frequent media mentions and large number of contacts in technology media publications.

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